About Euro Taxi

Our mission is to put as many service providers as possible available to our customers without any intermediaries, therefore no additional cost. Our system of luxury car rental, airport transfer car services, cheap limousine hire and taxi booking in Geneva is free and simple to use. No sooner than you finish completing the transfer application, your request will have been forwarded automatically, and without any interference, to a maximum of companies specialized in transfers.

In order to offer you great deal prices, we will send your request to the service providers closest to your departure point and / or arrival point in order to avoid invalid subsequent charges from your carrier

You can also plan your airport transfer car services well in advance and if possible, our platform will find you the carrier that runs the opposite pathway that same day.

Avoiding a return journey, your carrier will calculate for you only one way. This transfer car services is for your environmental and financial benefits.

How to receive multiple quotes for your travel:

  • Enter your transfer request
  • Register by completing only for the first time your details
  • You receive an email confirming receipt of your request
  • For every request you receive any offers made by the carriers
  • You can choose the most interesting offer based on your criteria (the most profitable, most advantageous, most comfortable, the leading quality ...)
  • An email, with details on the carrier you chose, will be sent to you
  • Confirm your booking directly with the carrier chosen, without any intermediary or additional cost.