Terms and conditions

Definition and Interpretation:

Europtaxi.com is not a transfer car services operator. EuroTaxi.com provides a direct connection between applicants and recipients of remittances. Our website operates only as a provider of transportation offered by providers to applicants who select the carrier of their choice. We take no reservations and are not responsible for the performance or quality of service.


By registering, the client consents to the use of his data by our services and our partners for purely professional ends, in order to continuously improve the quality of our services. For market studies that are aimed at improvement of our services, these data will be shared with some third parties in an anonymous manner unless the client does not give his permission. Euro Taxi is committed to protecting your privacy and we do pass the data only to the carrier who has been chosen by you.

Delays :

In case of delay in booking taxis or luxury car, you are being granted the first 30 minutes free of charge. Beyond this waiting time, the cost of the driver will be charged to the customer at a rate of 38.00 per hour. If the transfer to the airport by taxi or luxury car rental is delayed (eg in case of flight delay) and the driver has been advised at least 3 hours in advance, no supplement is payable. Otherwise, the conditions of late fees mentioned above apply.

Responsibility :

Under no circumstances are we responsible for any loss or damage caused by a rupture or breach of contract. Booking taxis or luxury car are managed and concluded outside of our system and therefore beyond our responsibility. In addition, please note that the displayed data are continuously monitored and updated and that if, because of technical problems or other type of information is incomplete or incorrect, we assume no liability.

Copyright :

Copyright, intellectual property as well as the entire contents of the website is property of Eurotaxi (www.europtaxi.com). By accessing our website, you can access its content only for your personal, non commercial use. All content is neither partly nor fully used without the prior written consent of the owner. Except for downloading and / or copying and pasting the pages of our website for home use strictly for personal and noncommercial use.

Claims and limits of liability:

Europtaxi.com is doing everything to provide you with the best service but does not guarantee its availability for 24/24, nor does it avoid some possible faults or failures, nor does it guarantee full satisfaction, compatibility or security of its system. The user does in no circumstances bear any liability for Europtaxi.com for improper use or misuse of data or services by him or by others. Thus, Europtaxi.com is no circumstances responsible for any claims or claims arising there from. The website is a platform with no association with any warranty arising directly or indirectly from an appreciation of quality, nor is it a guarantee of compatibility or security, or against any violation or imprecision.
Europtaxi.com is not responsible directly or indirectly for any result or damage included but not limited to loss of business opportunity or profits related to the use of the web page.
You use our system to put you in direct contact with carriers who will present you with independent offers and then you choose the carrier most interesting according to your criteria. Thus, Europtaxi.com is in no way involved in this process either in prices or in services provided. Therefore, we are in no way responsible, and any claims must be made directly to the carrier chosen not to Euro Taxi. At the meantime, and in order to improve service quality and selection of the best carriers, please inform us of any poor performance. We reserve the right to exclude these carriers in our system.


You agree to indemnify Europtaxi.com and its employees and agents against any expense liability, legal fees, damages, losses, costs or other amounts resulting from any claim or demand against Europtaxi.com due to lack of respect to our conditions or any other cause related to the use of our website.


Europtaxi.com is part of Easy Limousine Services (ELS) and the place of jurisdiction is the ELS Headquarters. Conditions are subject to Swiss law.